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Canada/Mexico stereotypes JN

Canada is the second largest country in the world and we are famous for maple syrup, hockey and being polite. We make a lot of maple syrup here, but we put it on the same things that most people do like pancakes and french toast. Hockey is big in Canada, but not everyone plays it. One other stereotype is that it snows seven months out of the year. In B.C it hasn't snowed at all this year, so that's not true!

A stereotype I've heard about Mexico is that it is too hot during the day to stay awake, so people go home and sleep.

Canada/Mexico stereotypes

From(A.A) -A Canadian student

There are many different stereotypes about Canada that you might think is true, but some of them aren't.      

5 Things that are NOT true about Canada 
                            1. We Canadians don't live in snow for 7 months of the year.
                            2. Not all Canadians like to play or just like hockey.
                            3. Not all Canadians are pilot.
                            4. Not all Canadians are first Nation
                            5. Lastly, not all Canadians eat pancakes every single day for breakfast.

      5 Things that are TURE about Canada

                             1. Hockey is Canada's National sport.
                             2. Us Canadians make our own Maple Syrup.
                             3. We live in cold but not snow.
                             4. Our country has many trees but we do not live in jungles.
                             5. Canada is a free place.

5 things that I think are TURE about Mexico

                             1. Mexico is a hot place.
                             2. Mexico's National sport might be football.
                             3. Lots of Mexicans might like swimming.
                             4. Some Mexicans might have tigers as pets.
                             5. Most schools in Mexico might have a dress code.

I am wondering if the 5 things that I think are true about Mexico are rue or not ? It is okay to correct me. THANK YOU!

canada/mexico sterotypes from a canada student

   P.L                                                          Mexico/Canada

  did you now that all canadiens dont like to play hoky because when. we dont like to play we would just wach the game on the t.v. when people like something they like to do. we speke two langawijes.
canadion only speck engalish at school. not every one likes to play football or play socer. that is why we do not do every thing.

in mexico the populer sport is la gallionita ciena. in mexico they do not play hoky becuse the lots of people dont like to play some games. mexico people go to sleep  of the middlie of the day becuse it to hot to work. that is what i now

Canada/Mexico Stereotypes from ( IG ) -(a canadian student )

There many facts which are true and not true about Canada.Others predict many odd and weird things  

about canadians which are not true but these facts are true about Canada.  First true fact about Canada 

that Canada has the largest coastline in the world. Second true fact about Canada is that Canada hold's a

 record for the most gold medals in the winter olympics. Third true fact about Canada is that Canada 

has the longest street in the world.Fourth true fact about Canada is that Canada's national sport is 

hockey.Fifth true fact about Canada is that Canada is the second largest country in the world.These are 

some facts that describe Canada.

False Facts about Canada

Mexicians predict lot of things about us but many of those things are not true.We likely think same 

things about them as they think things about us.One false fact about canadians is that we live in rain

every seven month's. Second false fact about canadians is that we ride moose's. Third false fact about 

canadians is that we all love to play hockey.Fourth false fact about canadians is that canadians like to 

keep racoon's as their pets.Fifth false fact about canadians is that our national sport is soccer.These facts  

are not true about Canada.

    D.G                                                  Mexico/Canada

      There are so many stereotypes between the two countries of Mexico and Canada. Most stereotypes are heard from Social media or the Internet. I can tell true stereotypes about Canada, and false ones heard from others. One "True" fact  is Canada is known for maple syrup. Maple syrup is a favourite in Canada, even it originated from Canada. Maple syrup came from maple trees that grow all over Canada and is loved and cared by all those who use it. Second "True" fact is Canadians LOVE poutine. Poutine is delicious served all over Canada with the splash of fries in gravy covered with fresh cheese. Third "True Fact about Canada is we are polite citizens. Not all, but we respect other religions and cultures and even differences. Canada is a multi-cultural society of astonishing lifestyle to the reason why we are so polite. Fourth "True" fact about Canada is, it is cold. We live up the northern hemisphere of the world where the north pole is located. Even in March we have to put our jackets and warm ourselves. It's like fall but in the Spring. One last "True" fact about Canada is it rains a lot here. More precipitation is to the west than the east cause more bodies of water is located near. Now 5 "False" Stereotypes about Canada that has spread across social media. First "False" fact about Canada is we don't ride moose. Moose is a animal we have on our coins, signs etc. Moose is a animal that originated here, but Moose is not what we ride. Second "False" fact about Canada is Canadians don't live in igloo's. We don't live in the snowy weather every month. We also get sunlight in the summer to grow our trees. Trees grow in the lower mainland and are chopped to make wood. The northern region of the Inuit of Canada is the place where they live in igloos. Third "False" fact about Canada is Canadians don't eat a lot of pancakes every day. Even if pancakes were a traditional breakfast food here doesn't mean we eat it every day. We are a multi-cultural society. All of us could eat different foods for our meals. Fourth "False" fact is Canada's provinces don't snow for 7 months a year. We get a lot a snow, but not for 7 months of year. If it did happen life would be hard to live here in Canada. Last "False" fact is a lot of foreign countries say "Canadians put maple syrup on everything" Could be true but not everyone puts maple syrup on everything. Its a recommendation for maple syrup to be put on certain foods, but this stereotype could be a true fact for other people and a false fact for others. There are so may stereotypes about us that makes us seem different. From the route of Social media, to the internet which have false statements and true statements.

      D.G                                                         Mexico

         There are different stereotypes that are false, true about the country Mexico. I want to predict false and true stereotypes about this country. My 1st stereotype about Mexico is do you guys eat Taco's every day? Taco's originated from Mexico so I wonder how often do you guys eat this certain food. My 2nd stereotype about Mexico is do you guys speak spanish half of your school time and english of the other half of your school day? My 3rd stereotype is do you guys put hot sauce, chilli pepper, or tobasco on every food you eat? To put flavor in your meals? My fourth stereotype is the boys in your school's favourite sport is Soccer? Soccer seems to be really big in Mexico since their are many players from Mexico in the league. My last and final stereotype is do you guys have Taco Bell from where you live? If you guys don't know about Taco Bell, but Taco Bell is a fast food place served world-wide. It is known to be selling Mexican food of Taco's and burritos. There are so many stereotypes about the statements of being false and true, but i wonder if false and true statements i made are true.
There are so many things that i don't know about mexico and there are probably things that u don't know about canada. Some true facts about canada are that we are very nice and helpful, and we love to eat pancakes with syrup, our favourite sport is hockey. You may have heard some false facts about canada like how it snows for 7 months  and we live in igloos that is not true we live in normal houses and another false fact about canada is that not all of us play hockey. Some things that i think are true about mexico are that there favourite sport is football, and that they like to eat tacos and that they like to make pianist, they sleep during the day becouse it is to hot, mexicans also like to eat nachos.
some things that i think are false about mexico are not all of them eat tacos, they do not eat burritos everyday. Not all mexicans play football, and the last false fact about mexico is that they do not spices everyday.

Canada / Mexico Stereotypes


                                                 From PR (A Canadian student) 

Canada and Mexico are 2 opposite countries, which means they do different things and have a different ( Or unique ! ) lifestyle. Some of the things and possibly stereotypes I've predicted and researched about Mexico include things like Mexico's national sports. Some of Mexico's national sports include football, baseball, basketball, boxing, and bullfighting. Some of Canada's national sports include hockey and lacrosse. Another different thing that can be compared that is also a part of living and lifestyle is housing / homes. Mexicans use sement, glass, metallic materials, and wood for furniture and shelter. In Canada, we use bricks, glass, wood, and also metallic materials. Food and language is also an inportant part in daily life. Mexico's national foods include tacos and tortilla chips and salsa, and they speak English, Mexican and Spanish. Canada's national foods include maple syrup, and we speak English. Overall, Mexico and Canada both have different ways of living and are unique compared to each other. 

Canada / mexico sterotypes from [initials] a canada student

Mexico and Canada there boast counter made mexico is big or canada is big and Canada and mexico have the same sport mexico is hot Canada is war some time is cold Mexico they speck Spanish and English  Mexico like to play baseball and Canada like to play hockey or  watch hockey Mexico they sport canada to

Canada/Mexicans stereotypes from (R.S.)- a canadian student

Some of the most popular leisure sports in Canada include hockey, football, soccer, and la-crosse. Hockey is a very popular sport because its every where its fun and its hard to. For football we have a league just dedicated for canadians its  the canadian football league. (CFL for short). La-crosse you normally see it on television as hockey but, it was announced to be the most important leisure sport about 1 or 2 years ago. In Mexico i think the most popular leisure sports are soccer, baseball, basketball,  bowling and boxing. I think those are the most popular leisure sports because they fit the climate in Mexico. I also think its very hot and dry so it does fit the climate in this case.

Canada/Mexico Strereotypes from N.N -(a canadian student)

Canada and Mexico are different country and they have different types of sports the play.Some of the most popular sports in canada are soccer,hockey, basketball and cricket this are some of the sports  that the canadian play .Some of sports I think are popular in mexico are football and swimming this is some of the sports.thus is some of the sports i think mexico people play.Is that  true that the mexico peolpe play football and swimming

canada/mexico stereotypes from (IJ) (a canada student)

i think that the mexico sports are football,swimming and tennis.                                                               the canada sports are hockey,soccer,basketball,cricket,golf,tennis and volleyball. the canada sports i talk about they are the most popular in canada.

Canada/Mexico stereotypes from D.G a canadian student

well the most played sport in canada is hockey and. The most played sport in mexico is soccer.
and every one from other country think that mexicans only play soccer but there money five dollar
bills have hockey players on it. canadians get place to place by car boat  plane. mexicans walk drive
or by boat. people from other country think that it snows 7 months. always in
canada. Mexico never snows or rains its always sunny. But canada it just rains most
of the time.  

Canada/Mexico stereotypes from T.G a Canadien student

Some of the most important or popular leisure sports in Canada include Hockey, Football, Soccer, La crosse. Hockey is a awesome sport that anyone can watch or pay.Football is a hard sport where you can seriously get injured in. Soccer is a super fun sport that you can play with many people of anyage. La crosse is a sport that was announced 1 or 2 years ago and over those 1 or 2 years this sport became a really popular sport. I think that some of the most important leisure sports in Mexico are Boxing, Baseball, Basket ball, and Bull fighting.

Canada/Mexico Stereotypes [A.D]

Hola is how to say hi in spanish . I'm here to tell you five true facts about Mexico and Canada and 5 facts that are not true. Did you know the capital of Canada is Ottawa . The maple leaf is a Canadian symbol and it features on the national flag. Canada is the second largest country in the world. Canada's official languages are French and English. Canada's national symbols are the maple leaf and the beaver.

Now i am going to tell you 5 facts that are not true about Canada are not all canadians play hockey. Some people say canadians are boring but thats not true. I lived in Canada for 11 years and noticed nothing boring. Visitor's  from other countries say Canada is too cold and snowy some parts of Canada are snowy and cold some places are warm. Its all lumberjacks and curling are wearing plaid. Canada people don't put maple syrup on everything.

Know i'm going to tell you 5 true facts about mexico. A popular mexican game amoung children is called La Gallinita ciega. An interesting craft in mexico is pinta making. Mexican sleep in the dat time because it is to hot to work. I think all mexician do not eat toccos . An mexican fiesta game is hot chill pepper contest.Know i am going to tell you 5 false facts about mexico. mexicns were sombreros every day. Mexicans put spice in all there dishes they make . Mexicans eat toccos every Tuesday. All mexicans play soccer. mexicans love toccos and nocchoes .

Canada/Mexico Stereotypes

    Some people say that almost every country dose the same thing in their free time, but I don't agree, Mexico and Canada do different things in there free time like the things I am going to tell you. I like to ride my bike, play with my cousins, and dance. I also like to have a small walks in the park, do something new. I think in Mexico  they play soccer, I mean football, eat toccos, and have to do they homework. I wonder what else you do? Well I don't know a lot about you but wish I could go with Ms.Briske. So, bye for now because next year I will come. thank you                                                                  

                                                                                                           From: J.D. [ Canadian student]

canada/mexico stereotype from AG (canadian student)

Canada and Mexico are two countries that are very similar and different in many different ways.Stereotypes about canada.We eat everything with maple syrup.We do not eat lots of pancakes.It does not snow seven months of the year.We are not known for our lumberjacks.We do not ski a lot.Stereotypes that are true about canada.We are known for the maple leaf.We eat our pancakes with maple syrup when we eat it.Some of us ski in whistler when its snowing.It usually only snows in winter.We are known for our rocky mountains. 

Stereotypes that are not true about mexico.Their main cultural food is Italian. They all speak spanish. Its extremely sunny every day.All people living in mexico are mexican.All people in mexico have the same language.Stereotypes that are true about mexico.Their main cultural food is not Italian. they do not all speak spanish.Its not always extremely sunny every day.Not all people living in mexico  are mexican.Not all people in mexico have the same language.

Canada/Mexico stereotypes from AK ( A Canadian student)

Canada and Mexico are different countries that  do different things.
The most popular sports in Canada is soccer , Hockey, Basket ball and tennis.
The most popular sports in Mexico is foot ball and swimming.

Canadian/mexico stero types From EL (A canadian Students)

Canadians and mexicans are different types of people, We might like some sports and You may Not like some sports.

Here in Canada, People Like to play sports. Our national sport is Hockey. Not everyone Plays hockey.  We also play soccer and basketball which is my favourite.
In Mexico you may not like soccer or basketball. Mexico's favourite/national sport is Football. You may play with an actual football or with a hand ball. Canadians and Mexian's are different and alike in many different ways

Canada and Mexico stereotypes From N.R-a canadian student

Canadians do all sorts of things on there free time, but i wonder what Mexicans do a lot of Canadians go outside and play sports while some stay inside and do nothing. what i do is i stay inside and do what i need to do (like homework) then around 5:00 pm i go outside go on my scooter or just play basketball.

 I think on Mexicans free time they go outside and play with each other, but i also think kids help a lot around the house ( boy or girl ) another thing they might do is run a lot cause Mexicans are really fast.

Canada/Mexico Stereotypes from: AS-(a Canadian student)

Do you know what we do for our free time well mostly we play hockey mostly that is what Canadians do for their free time.Now I am going to predict what Mexicans do on their free time.

I think what Mexicans do on their free time is play soccer because I have seen Mexican people play they are really fast and one thing you need to be a good soccer player is stamina so you are fast so I think you guys play soccer.

Canada and Mexico stereotypes from T.C a Canadian student

I'll be telling you guys some of the true things about Canada and some of the false things about Canada.

These are five things that are true about Canada:
We wear normal clothes
Our national sport is hockey
Its cold but it doesn't snow for seven months
We are known for maple syrup
Canada is the second largest county in the world

These are five things that are not true about Canada
We play hockey all the time
We eat maple syrup with everything
We ride a moose when we have to go somewhere
We wear big coats
It snows seven months here.

Canada Mexico Stereotypes from KA (Canadian Student)

Hokey and football[soccer]are not only the most the most leisure sports in Canada and Mexico they are loved in other country's and city's too . One of the things those are in hokey the field is ice and smaller then the field in football, and the field in football is grass and bigger then the field in hockey. their is a big difference between the net size. The net size in hockey is small and hard to goal in since the goalie wheres big gear to block the small puck it is hard to goal. But in football the net is big and wide but the goalie wheres no gear. And instead of shoes and feet like in football, hockey players use hockey sticks which is a stick with a little handle and the lower part of the stick which lets you hit the puck. And Canada plays more sports too like football, soccer and other important sports in the world. Those are some of the maine idea of the 2 leisure sports in Canada and Mexico.

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Some more Canada/Mexico Stereotypes from JD (A Chimney Hill Student)

         Their are so many questions about what's actually true about Canada and Mexico. Most of us get the information we know about other places in the world from the Internet,movies and television shows,but not all of it's true. A true fact about Canada is it's cold, but it definitely does not snow for seven months.Another true fact about Canada is we are not for maple syrup, but we sure don't put it on everything. The Internet might tell you facts that are not true because not everything on the Internet is accurate, such as every Canadian playa hockey. They assume that because our national winter sport is hockey. Have you heard the stereotype "Every Canadian is super friendly.",well it's not true. Some of us can be super friendly but not all of us. The fourth true fact about Canada is our second language is French. Some of These false stereotypes are funny like all of our police ride horses. Some of Canada's true facts are quite silly too though, like majority of Canadians like coffee. I hope learned some things about Canada and I also hope I have corrected you on some of the false stereotypes .

         I don't know much about Mexico but I am going to predict five true facts and five false facts about Mexico. One true fact about Mexico is that it is really hot there. A false fact about Mexico is everyone where's sombreros.The language majority of Mexicans speak is Spanish is a true fact but all Mexicans are dangerous is false. Another false stereotype is Mexicans eat burritos everyday just because they originated in Mexico. There are so many more interesting facts about Mexico, such as Mexico's president is Enrique Pena Nieto and their currency is the Spanish paso. The last false Mexican stereotype I'm going to tell you is "All Mexican families are huge." Those were my five true facts and five false facts about Mexico!

Some stereotypes from LH (A Chimney Hill student)

Hi I’m a student some of are to I bet most of you are Mexican and are learning english too. But I already know that. I hope you understand thank you.

My question is what do you do in your free time ? Do you play soccer, video games or eat tacos in Stereotypical wise. If I had some free time I would usually Sing while doing my chores. Dancing in my room being active ! Annoying my brother is fun and something I do a lot and I’m being completely honest. Or reading a book I’m obsessed with a book called Don’t Care High written by Gordan Korman a very interesting book with a lot of drama.

Thank you for reading my blog i would love to see what kind of things you do in your spare time like whatever tell me lots about mexico what its like living there and more. Also T for things I said that are true and F for the things that are false

Image result for mexico foods
PS. Do you eat this ? let me know thank you

Some stereotypes about Canada from KL (a Canadian Student at Chimney Hill)


-Hockey is the national sport of Canada
-The coldest temperature recorded in Canada is -63 degrees Celsius
-Canada is the 2nd largest country in the world
-Canada has the longest coastline
-Canada is 5x larger than Mexico
-It is always cold in Canada
-Canadians live in igloos
-We always eat poutine
-We are only one culture

Stereotype Stories that have been written by the Mexican Ambassadors

Our trip to Mexico City is only a few days away.......
Our Mexican Ambassadors have written some stories using the stereotypes that we hear about through media, and through our own experiences.  What we are interested in knowing is whether or not the stereotypes are true.  If you could comment and let us know if we are wrong or right, we'd love to know.......

Story Number 1:

Carla smoothed her long skirt as she finished dancing at the street festival.  She returned home for lunch with her many siblings.  They had homemade burritos and Carla was on her way.  She went to a hat dance at the street festivals.  Everyone wore big sombreros and the men had big mustaches.  When the dance started, Mariachi music blasted out.  Everyone got partners and started dancing.  Carla received a free sombrero for dancing the best.  She walked the streets with her friends and ate a churro.  Carla returned home after a wonderful day!

Story Number 2:

Meet Rosa and Camila.  They are best friends.  Both Rosa and Camila love making and wearing ponchos.  Soon after the girls decided to make their very own poncho shop in the very busy market.  One day, a woman came into their shop, looking for a pink poncho for her daughter’s quinncinera.  Both of the girls had fantastic suggestions and ideas.  The only problem was that the two girls could never agree on both of their ideas.  This led to a huge argument between Rosa and Camila.  They both decided to create their own pieces.  Soon after, Rosa started to notice that her poncho wasn’t coming out as she had planned.  She saw that Camila was having problems too.  So they decided to put their differences aside and to work together to make the best poncho in history.  When the customer came to pick it up, she was overjoyed.  From that day onwards, Rosa and Camila promised to always talk about their plans and work together!

Story Number 3:

Everyday after dance class, Carlo and his siblings rushed home faster than a donkey so they wouldn’t miss their mother’s “special double decker cheese burrito”.  After lunch, Carlo wore his sombrero and was on his way to the beach where the dance festival was.  When he got there, he saw people with huge tacos and burritos.  Everyone was wearing sombreros and girls wore Jarabe Tapatios.  People were laughing and dancing until one guy came in, and shouted, “Where’s the burritos?!”

Story Number 4:

He was tall and dark but certainly not Mexican.  He was at a spicy burrito competition. The 2015 Burrito Picante contestants were twelve taco-loving men with bushy moustaches who wore large tortilla chip sombreros.  The judges were local villagers who won the 2014 Mariachi band competition.   One of the competitors was disqualified for wearing a fake bushy moustache, which left them with only twelve competitors.  I forgot to tell you that the requirements to enter the burrito competition the contestants were to wear that the classic pointy Mexican boots for good luck, a poncho and had to sing the best Mexican song “Mucha Muchacha” while drinking tequila.  Back to our tall and dark but certainly not Mexican contestant.  His name was Fluencio and it turns out he is French Canadian from Saskatoon.  Fluencio had a life long dream to win a spicy burrito contest.  Fluencio spent many winter months in Saskatoon eating habanero peppers and sipping tequila while wearing his pointy boots, a poncho and singing  “Mucha Muchacha”.  The contest day finally arrived and Fluencio was ready.  Fluencio was really nervous but he was ready.  The crowd of abuelitas cheered them on.  Some had dentures and some no teeth.  Fluencio knew he was one of greats and he easily won the contest.   When he flew back to Saskatoon he arrived at the big event in his honor held at the hockey rink and his dad and grandpa gave him a shock of his life.  The Mexican judges ruled to disqualify Fluencio for taking a bite of his competitor’s tortilla chip hat.  Fluencio was devastated but understanding as he is already preparing for next year’s event. 

Story Number 5:

One day, an overly large Mexican man was walking on the street eating.  His name was Carlos.  Carlos then put on his sombrero and pulled out his maracas.  He then began to sing a Mariachi song.  He was singing when a mouse, wearing a sombrero, began running around him, shouting, “Andale, Andale!  Arriba!  Arriba!”  Carlos soon became angry at the mouse and tried squishing the mouse with his foot.  They ran around the city but the mouse was too fast for Carlos.  He soon became tired of chasing the mouse and quickly went to a burrito stand.  He bought three of the biggest burritos ever.  Each burrito had Tabasco sauce on it and he ate all of them in less than 5 seconds.  Carlos went to the washroom and saw that he had Tabasco sauce all over his big mustache.  He had to wash it all off his mouth and moustache.  Later he fell asleep on a bench and then he woke up with the mouse staring at him.  They decided to have a gun fight.  They took 5 steps away from each other until they both turned around and Carlos got a hit and killed the mouse.  Carlos went home happy and he then again began to sing another Mariachi song.  Carlos finally went home and was greeted by his many brothers and sisters.  They had a fiesta with burritos, tacos, nachos, quesadillas, and enchiladas.  Carlos went to sleep with a full stomach.

Story Number 6:

Once in a land not too far away (but in order to show the differences between the main characters I have to say far), a 12 year old named Miguel has just moved from Mexico to Canada.  Miguel was feeling very nervous because he didn’t speak a word of English.  One day, when he was eating his burrito peacefully, Arnold (An America) came and threw Miguel’s burrito on the ground.  Miguel stared as what was left of his burrito when one of the Canadians came to help.
            “Are you okay?”  Oh no!  Your burrito!  Here, let me help! I am Carol by the way.”
            The next day, Carol tried his best to be friends with Miguel.  “Hi!  Do you want to hang out after school today?  Oh!  Am I bothering you?  Okay… sorry…. Well, see you!”
            It clearly  had not worked out.  Miguel was feeling sadder and sadder by each passing day.  He was always being bullied by Arnold.  Arnold kept asking, “Where is your sombrero?  I own you!”

            What Arnold didn’t realize is that Carol had heard everything that he had said to Miguel.  So, Carol organized the next day that half the school would wear a sombrero and eat either a taco or a burrito.  That is what happened to make Arnold realize his mistakes and he eventually surrendered.  Now, because of that, Miguel and Carol are best friends.  Even though they don’t speak the same language.


As both Chimney Hill Elementary (B.C. Canada) and Jules Verne School (México) are interested in developing critical thinking and real learning in their students, both schools have been working for more than eight years to create a community that learn from each other.

We are interested in making our students understand their culture, their history, their politics and the facts that affect them as citizens from their own countries and the role they play in this global world, where there is a need to develop empathy and know about others from real facts.

We all know that information found in books or even spread by media are not always as real as it seem.

So students are making research from their own countries and other´s countries and share the process on how they come a conclusion of their own about what they already know or think and what is real.

For this purpose we documenting each step of the process.

Make students know more about their own culture and National Symbols to make stories that convey a messagge of their own identity, and compare and contrast with each other´s National Symbols and culture to find out real facts of today´s live for both countries in order to brake stereotyping.


  1. Learn about own countries National Symbols and culture Know about other´s National Symbols and culture.
  • History
  • Geography
  • Culture
  • Art
  • Traditions
  • Language Arts
  1. Research on Mexico National Symbols, culture, traditions, landscape, territory. 
  1. Research on Canada National Symbols, culture, traditions, landscape, territory.
  • How  do you think mexican/canadian people live? 
  • What do you think mexican/canadian do in their free time?
  • What do you think are mexican/canadian people make for living?
  • What do you think mexican/canadian people use as mean of daily transport?
  • What do you think mexican/canadian people eat daily?
  • How do you think mexican/canadian people dress?
  • What do you think the weather is in Mexico/Canada?
  • What kind of landscape you think there is in Mexico City/Canada?
  • What kids of shops or malls you think there will be in Mexico/Canada?
  • How you imagine families in Mexico/Canada (dressing, meals, relationship).?
  • What kind of pets you have?
  • What are other´s feelings, likes and dislikes?
  • What are the games other´s like to play?
  • What you think Mexican/Canadian students study at school?
  • How you think Mexican/Canadian schools look like?
  • How do you think Mexican/Canadian houses/appartments, streets, neighborhoods are?
  • How you think hospitals, museums, national buildings, stadiums are?
  • Where do you think people in Canada/Mexico go to vacation or for the weekend?
  • How study level do you think people in Mexico/Canada accomplish?

b) Learn how to communicate what they learn and what they find to brake stereotyping

A podcast with a common story for Canada-Mexico 2015 Trip where there is told a story about how kids are alike and what make them different from each other, looking into their background as source of their own identity.

Weeks 1-3:   March 16- April 15

3.   Make up a story or fable  about National Symbosl of your own country.
4.   Make a post on each grade´s blog (The story and the research about both countries).
5.   Share it on Facebook group “Braking stereotypes Mexico-Canada”
6.   Discuss (comments) on facebook about true and not true facts about your own country.
7.   Prepare a short abstract about what is your own idea of Mexico (Mexico City) as a country after the research you had made. These questions will be posted on a blog, (Illustrate them with pictures you find during your research). 

Week 4 April 16 - April 23
During the visit

8.  According to your responses, take notes on how you imagine Mexico, and how similar or different what you imagine or read about are real or just stereotypes.  (Canadian kids).

9. Mexican kids will ask questions regarding their answers to their questions to find out whether what they read or imagine about Canada is real or just stereotypes during the Jules Verne-Chimney Hill exchange week.  

10. Take pictures, and analyze the facts you thinks towards the ideas you had. 

10. Make a joint story using your research and notes, use your pictures. 

11. Make a video where you can tell the world what you find during this approach to each other´s culture.

11. Post it on facebook, make comments, share on twitter too. 

You can find more information on:

Part of this experience is to dispel the stereotypes that each of us has about each other's culture.  By writing a story that each of us in opposite cultures can refute or confirm, we learn about each other's world.  The students's stories will be uploaded to the blogs that Mayus has created and we will comment on whether or not each other's stories are accurate or not.  I know that one of our ambassadors took her story home on Thursday to edit….. if she could resend it to me, I will include it!