Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Canada Mexico Stereotypes from KA (Canadian Student)

Hokey and football[soccer]are not only the most the most leisure sports in Canada and Mexico they are loved in other country's and city's too . One of the things those are in hokey the field is ice and smaller then the field in football, and the field in football is grass and bigger then the field in hockey. their is a big difference between the net size. The net size in hockey is small and hard to goal in since the goalie wheres big gear to block the small puck it is hard to goal. But in football the net is big and wide but the goalie wheres no gear. And instead of shoes and feet like in football, hockey players use hockey sticks which is a stick with a little handle and the lower part of the stick which lets you hit the puck. And Canada plays more sports too like football, soccer and other important sports in the world. Those are some of the maine idea of the 2 leisure sports in Canada and Mexico.

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