Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Canada/Mexico Stereotypes [A.D]

Hola is how to say hi in spanish . I'm here to tell you five true facts about Mexico and Canada and 5 facts that are not true. Did you know the capital of Canada is Ottawa . The maple leaf is a Canadian symbol and it features on the national flag. Canada is the second largest country in the world. Canada's official languages are French and English. Canada's national symbols are the maple leaf and the beaver.

Now i am going to tell you 5 facts that are not true about Canada are not all canadians play hockey. Some people say canadians are boring but thats not true. I lived in Canada for 11 years and noticed nothing boring. Visitor's  from other countries say Canada is too cold and snowy some parts of Canada are snowy and cold some places are warm. Its all lumberjacks and curling are wearing plaid. Canada people don't put maple syrup on everything.

Know i'm going to tell you 5 true facts about mexico. A popular mexican game amoung children is called La Gallinita ciega. An interesting craft in mexico is pinta making. Mexican sleep in the dat time because it is to hot to work. I think all mexician do not eat toccos . An mexican fiesta game is hot chill pepper contest.Know i am going to tell you 5 false facts about mexico. mexicns were sombreros every day. Mexicans put spice in all there dishes they make . Mexicans eat toccos every Tuesday. All mexicans play soccer. mexicans love toccos and nocchoes .

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