Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Canada / Mexico Stereotypes


                                                 From PR (A Canadian student) 

Canada and Mexico are 2 opposite countries, which means they do different things and have a different ( Or unique ! ) lifestyle. Some of the things and possibly stereotypes I've predicted and researched about Mexico include things like Mexico's national sports. Some of Mexico's national sports include football, baseball, basketball, boxing, and bullfighting. Some of Canada's national sports include hockey and lacrosse. Another different thing that can be compared that is also a part of living and lifestyle is housing / homes. Mexicans use sement, glass, metallic materials, and wood for furniture and shelter. In Canada, we use bricks, glass, wood, and also metallic materials. Food and language is also an inportant part in daily life. Mexico's national foods include tacos and tortilla chips and salsa, and they speak English, Mexican and Spanish. Canada's national foods include maple syrup, and we speak English. Overall, Mexico and Canada both have different ways of living and are unique compared to each other. 

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