Tuesday, April 7, 2015

There are so many things that i don't know about mexico and there are probably things that u don't know about canada. Some true facts about canada are that we are very nice and helpful, and we love to eat pancakes with syrup, our favourite sport is hockey. You may have heard some false facts about canada like how it snows for 7 months  and we live in igloos that is not true we live in normal houses and another false fact about canada is that not all of us play hockey. Some things that i think are true about mexico are that there favourite sport is football, and that they like to eat tacos and that they like to make pianist, they sleep during the day becouse it is to hot, mexicans also like to eat nachos.
some things that i think are false about mexico are not all of them eat tacos, they do not eat burritos everyday. Not all mexicans play football, and the last false fact about mexico is that they do not spices everyday.

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