Monday, April 6, 2015

Some stereotypes from LH (A Chimney Hill student)

Hi I’m a student some of are to I bet most of you are Mexican and are learning english too. But I already know that. I hope you understand thank you.

My question is what do you do in your free time ? Do you play soccer, video games or eat tacos in Stereotypical wise. If I had some free time I would usually Sing while doing my chores. Dancing in my room being active ! Annoying my brother is fun and something I do a lot and I’m being completely honest. Or reading a book I’m obsessed with a book called Don’t Care High written by Gordan Korman a very interesting book with a lot of drama.

Thank you for reading my blog i would love to see what kind of things you do in your spare time like whatever tell me lots about mexico what its like living there and more. Also T for things I said that are true and F for the things that are false

Image result for mexico foods
PS. Do you eat this ? let me know thank you

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