Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Canada/Mexico stereotypes

From(A.A) -A Canadian student

There are many different stereotypes about Canada that you might think is true, but some of them aren't.      

5 Things that are NOT true about Canada 
                            1. We Canadians don't live in snow for 7 months of the year.
                            2. Not all Canadians like to play or just like hockey.
                            3. Not all Canadians are pilot.
                            4. Not all Canadians are first Nation
                            5. Lastly, not all Canadians eat pancakes every single day for breakfast.

      5 Things that are TURE about Canada

                             1. Hockey is Canada's National sport.
                             2. Us Canadians make our own Maple Syrup.
                             3. We live in cold but not snow.
                             4. Our country has many trees but we do not live in jungles.
                             5. Canada is a free place.

5 things that I think are TURE about Mexico

                             1. Mexico is a hot place.
                             2. Mexico's National sport might be football.
                             3. Lots of Mexicans might like swimming.
                             4. Some Mexicans might have tigers as pets.
                             5. Most schools in Mexico might have a dress code.

I am wondering if the 5 things that I think are true about Mexico are rue or not ? It is okay to correct me. THANK YOU!

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