Tuesday, April 7, 2015

    D.G                                                  Mexico/Canada

      There are so many stereotypes between the two countries of Mexico and Canada. Most stereotypes are heard from Social media or the Internet. I can tell true stereotypes about Canada, and false ones heard from others. One "True" fact  is Canada is known for maple syrup. Maple syrup is a favourite in Canada, even it originated from Canada. Maple syrup came from maple trees that grow all over Canada and is loved and cared by all those who use it. Second "True" fact is Canadians LOVE poutine. Poutine is delicious served all over Canada with the splash of fries in gravy covered with fresh cheese. Third "True Fact about Canada is we are polite citizens. Not all, but we respect other religions and cultures and even differences. Canada is a multi-cultural society of astonishing lifestyle to the reason why we are so polite. Fourth "True" fact about Canada is, it is cold. We live up the northern hemisphere of the world where the north pole is located. Even in March we have to put our jackets and warm ourselves. It's like fall but in the Spring. One last "True" fact about Canada is it rains a lot here. More precipitation is to the west than the east cause more bodies of water is located near. Now 5 "False" Stereotypes about Canada that has spread across social media. First "False" fact about Canada is we don't ride moose. Moose is a animal we have on our coins, signs etc. Moose is a animal that originated here, but Moose is not what we ride. Second "False" fact about Canada is Canadians don't live in igloo's. We don't live in the snowy weather every month. We also get sunlight in the summer to grow our trees. Trees grow in the lower mainland and are chopped to make wood. The northern region of the Inuit of Canada is the place where they live in igloos. Third "False" fact about Canada is Canadians don't eat a lot of pancakes every day. Even if pancakes were a traditional breakfast food here doesn't mean we eat it every day. We are a multi-cultural society. All of us could eat different foods for our meals. Fourth "False" fact is Canada's provinces don't snow for 7 months a year. We get a lot a snow, but not for 7 months of year. If it did happen life would be hard to live here in Canada. Last "False" fact is a lot of foreign countries say "Canadians put maple syrup on everything" Could be true but not everyone puts maple syrup on everything. Its a recommendation for maple syrup to be put on certain foods, but this stereotype could be a true fact for other people and a false fact for others. There are so may stereotypes about us that makes us seem different. From the route of Social media, to the internet which have false statements and true statements.

      D.G                                                         Mexico

         There are different stereotypes that are false, true about the country Mexico. I want to predict false and true stereotypes about this country. My 1st stereotype about Mexico is do you guys eat Taco's every day? Taco's originated from Mexico so I wonder how often do you guys eat this certain food. My 2nd stereotype about Mexico is do you guys speak spanish half of your school time and english of the other half of your school day? My 3rd stereotype is do you guys put hot sauce, chilli pepper, or tobasco on every food you eat? To put flavor in your meals? My fourth stereotype is the boys in your school's favourite sport is Soccer? Soccer seems to be really big in Mexico since their are many players from Mexico in the league. My last and final stereotype is do you guys have Taco Bell from where you live? If you guys don't know about Taco Bell, but Taco Bell is a fast food place served world-wide. It is known to be selling Mexican food of Taco's and burritos. There are so many stereotypes about the statements of being false and true, but i wonder if false and true statements i made are true.

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