Monday, April 6, 2015

Some more Canada/Mexico Stereotypes from JD (A Chimney Hill Student)

         Their are so many questions about what's actually true about Canada and Mexico. Most of us get the information we know about other places in the world from the Internet,movies and television shows,but not all of it's true. A true fact about Canada is it's cold, but it definitely does not snow for seven months.Another true fact about Canada is we are not for maple syrup, but we sure don't put it on everything. The Internet might tell you facts that are not true because not everything on the Internet is accurate, such as every Canadian playa hockey. They assume that because our national winter sport is hockey. Have you heard the stereotype "Every Canadian is super friendly.",well it's not true. Some of us can be super friendly but not all of us. The fourth true fact about Canada is our second language is French. Some of These false stereotypes are funny like all of our police ride horses. Some of Canada's true facts are quite silly too though, like majority of Canadians like coffee. I hope learned some things about Canada and I also hope I have corrected you on some of the false stereotypes .

         I don't know much about Mexico but I am going to predict five true facts and five false facts about Mexico. One true fact about Mexico is that it is really hot there. A false fact about Mexico is everyone where's sombreros.The language majority of Mexicans speak is Spanish is a true fact but all Mexicans are dangerous is false. Another false stereotype is Mexicans eat burritos everyday just because they originated in Mexico. There are so many more interesting facts about Mexico, such as Mexico's president is Enrique Pena Nieto and their currency is the Spanish paso. The last false Mexican stereotype I'm going to tell you is "All Mexican families are huge." Those were my five true facts and five false facts about Mexico!

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