Monday, May 21, 2012


Today we met at 11 in West Vancouver to have an amazing journey to the forest!!!   Capilano is a wonderful place: To get into the forest we needed to cross a suspension bridge, and then we enjoyed being among ancient trees, walking through canopies,  listening to the sound of the water that flowed and fall into the river.

Kids had fun, families talk shared and spent such great time!!! Another day to be thankful for!!!

As days goes by, Canadian kids, and Mexican children develop solid bonds with their homestay families, they have learned a lot about being in different family positions such as being older or younger siblings, getting used to the food, the time, and how things work in another country, they are still young but they are smart and sensitive and care about each other even though they met in person just few days ago...  that is all about in a world where they live in... Isn´t that true???

Children learn and benefit of this wonderful experience, and we just wonder whether this relationships will go in the future...  I can tell this relationships they are making today  will last forever!!!


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  2. This place makes me remember when I went to cancun ( Mexico )
    I like this photo make me reamember my Nina and my Dana ( I miss you ) :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):);)

  3. The place on this picture places makes me remember wend i go to a camp whit my family we see many plants and animals .It was so beautiful like this place.

    I like it becasue it make me feel happy , because I remember that wonderous travel.

  4. that bridge reminds me of my teo beto farm (seriously called beto) reminds me to restore that hibamos every morning to eat pancakes and bacon .... ummmmmmmm bacon but I fear a
    hico giant pig to cry (I was 4 years) to also reminds me of harry potter lechusa when they go on the bikes and kill the milky I cry a lot to and remember the tutorial for bearsand giant elk


  5. The place on this picture makes me remember the bridge on the Indiana Jones The Temple of Doom movie where he has to get the bad guy that had the magic stones.
    I like it because it makes me feel the adrenaline and the fear of walking on very large bridge.

    The place on the other picture of the forest and the woods makes me remember a place called "Peñas Cargadas" were I went last year on Hidalgo with my uncle and my aunt.
    I like it because it makes me feel the adventure and the curiosity of exploring the forest.

    Keep me posted


  6. The place on this picture makes me remember a movie called Indiana Jones and the temple of doom when the bad gay had the magic stones and Indiana Jones cross the big bridge and the bad gays cut the bridge.

    I like it because it makes me feel worry becasue i have fear to fall down

    The place on this picture makes me remember when i enter in a forest it was
    awesome because i was surprised


    Have a brear time :)

    I like it because it makes me feel surprised because i like the new experience in a forest

    1. Sorry i have a mistake

      Have a great time


  7. This place makes me remember when I went to the Ajusco. The place is moreless the same size and also the trees. I believe that there the weather is cold just like in the Ajusco. I go there every year because I visit my cousins on winter.

    I like it because it makes me feel quiet because the place looks big and peceful. I hope some day I can go to Canada and see that beautiful place.

  8. this bridge rememebers me a dteam that I had some years ago:I was in a humongous bridge with my friends and I fell down o_o, that wasn't funny, but there was matress in the gound and it saves me, and then I woke up.

  9. and I also TROL hacerecordar the movie when they enter the forest and are the control of 2 cabesas and begins to follow and the main type used UV light and becomes rock and then ground

    if they see large rocks move from place were 2 controls and cables that fought big men on the road are not to bring energy to houses to keep the trolls away and if asee that this battered cabin that's what a troll angry hico good bayyy k-jets

  10. The place in the photo of the bridge remember me the bridge of the second movie of Indiana Jones in the movie the bridge was very big,I was in a bridge very big,the same as the one in Canada.that make me feel great because I was in a bridge very big,the same as the one in Canada.


  11. The place on this picture makes me remember to a movie called Troll, because the picture is a place of many trees and landscape, and in the movie the Trolls llive in the forest and Trolls falldown the trees. The picture makes me feel harmony, peace but in the night I feel scared of all the Trolls.


  12. This place make me remember a place I imagine. I like it because it makes me feel happy because the colors,the trees,the water and it's very peaceful. I love it!
    The second picture I like it because the rain make me feel sad and I remember a place call Ajusco the pine trees are very beautiful also I like it because of the climate that it is very cold. Also I like the ancient trees,the waterfalls,I would like to pass through the bridge. Hope that you have fun!!!

  13. this reminds me when I whent to veracruz I cruzing the bridge is very long and I like because is very fun

  14. That reminds me when I went to a camp And it was raining and have a forest with animals XD

    I like that because was awesome

    Rodrigo magaña

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  16. I think that it would be very cool!!!!!! I don't remember nothing because canada is very different but I want to say that it would be exsiting and funny i hope you enjoy your stay in canada.


  17. The last picture reminds me when I Went to a camp in second grade my parents went for me to the camp and was raining so is like the same picture but with my brother Matias, the picture was awesome.also I want to go to Canada!!!!!!
    I hope you enjoy your tripe,have a nice day


  18. I love the foto of the water fall it reminds me when I went to Uruapan it was very clowdy I like it beacause the beautiful landscape . Have alot of fun with the kids of Mexico


  19. The bridge reminds me to the camp of Jalapa and the owl remind me because i go to a camp in Jalapa and we pass in a bridge like that.Have a nice day !!!!!

    Emiliano Velasco Aranda

  20. That reminds me in a forest in the Mexico city where I went two years ago.

    I like the forest and the animals.


  21. This place and reminds me to my ranch when it is raining.
    I like the place and the animals.


  22. This pictures remind kids a place they visited in Veracruz, except for the weather of course, because they infer that your place is very cold, and Veracruz is very hot.
    The place they visited also had a river and a bridge. Some kids says that they got dizzy when they walked on the bridge!

    Kids are very interested about totems, they know the totems come from your culture, but they ask what does it represent.

    Hugs and remember we miss you a lot!

    Second grade.

  23. this place reminds me a photo when i was little kid in holland the wet climate and the forest

  24. Amazing!!! This place reminds me the arena in the hunger games movie, i like it because It's very beautiful, It's great! I miss U girls...

    Luz de lunaaa!!!

  25. Wow does it feel to walk on that bridge?! Is a waterfall there? We would like to be there!
    Fernanda and Karla, 4th grade.

  26. This remind me when i am went to my house and i get wet because it was raining.
    I like it because i like to get wet.

  27. Hellow frieds of Canada we are of 4rth grade Ian my friend Rodrigo we want to giv you funny

    rodrigo ulibarri and Daniel Barreras

  28. Hi we looked the photos , it is a beatiful city. How are you ??? :) :):):)... TQM;) We lake Canada !!!!
    Miranda Lombardo and Daniela Cabrera

  29. hello.that place is beautiful what are you doing at this moment his are naomi in the school .

    Diego and Camila

  30. This place reminds me La Marquesa and I like de totems because They remind me the indians.