Monday, May 14, 2012

CANADA 2012: DAY ONE MAY 12, 2012

Very early this morning Jules Verne School´s students meet at the airport, everyone got there with their families.  

All of them had a dream, all of us have imagine how things will get as soon as we left Mexico. Here there comes our adventure, our new Canadian experience.

Well, finally we get there! So much fun, our dreams, now come true, meeting our Candian friends, belonging to a new family, how exciting!!


  1. Hey! I was there .. What a great day! Fun stuff!

  2. We fell very proud and happy of our friends that now are having a new experience ,I'm happy for them they are having a great experience. Enjoy all these days

    Reynier and Fernando.

  3. WeI feel that they had a very warm welcome and I hope that their families of Canada are very kind. They are funny and I like when they are with their mexican families and then with they are with their canadian families. I hope all of you get a lot of fun for us and we will miss you a lot. Don't forget to tell us what do you do in Canada.
    Paola and Obel.

  4. We think that the time you spend in the airport is very bring but the expirience you have is very awesome, we will like to go to Canada but we dont have money, we wish you good week

  5. Hi! Good luck, have a great time!

    Santiago, 2nd grade.

  6. Hello! We miss you a lot! Don't forget brig something nice for us je je

    2nd grade