Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Well, today was a wonderful day at school, kids are still surprised with every activity our wonderful hosts have designed for us.

This morning we were to Surrey Food Bank, we were told that it would be a place like our "Central de Abastos" or it was our first thought while we read "Food Bank", but it was more than that!  This is a place much similar to  "Centros de Acopios" or a place where food is received and sorted so people who need support may have food for their familes while having a hard financial situation.

I was amazed to see how things are so good to us, and how our students reacted toward this activity, more than just participating, they were interested in learning that everywhere there are people who need help, and people who are able to help! 

In these pictures you may find that it was no difference between Canadian kids and Mexican kids, while helping filling bags with rice, sorting cans, delivering goods to clients, and making "thank you cards" for a fund rising event.

It doesn´t matter the language, they were smiling while helping, and feeling that unique fulfillment hard work is able to give us.

As we have been experiencing each of this activities, I realize that country distances are shorter than we think, and kids can make the difference while knowing each other, understanding others needs, sharing their own feelings and learning how to make a better future for them and even for us.

I was also surprised and very touched by Nina who show her interested on this project asking questions about how people were able to join the food bank project, if they donate food, or money, or whether it were possible to donate $1 or $ 2 dollars...  At the end of our day there, she manage to found the director and give one $5 dollar bill to her.  This is the best way to know that as parents you must be proud of that human values in your kids. For me, is just say thanks God for giving the opportunity to know that everything is possible when you have a dream, and when you stick to your believes. 

Later on we went to school where kids had their lunch and go play in the beautiful ground surrounded by those amazing snowed mountains, and they some of them went to help small children with a fun activity.

Kids faces are full of selfconfidence, as you can see in the pictures below, they are having such a good time!!

Now... every kid is getting ready for camp tomorrow, and the fun is just about to start!!

 Let me see your ticket!!!

 Filling rice bags, good job kids!!! and... Mr. Finley!!!

 Some vegetables?

 Thank you cards!!!


 Fun with kindergardeners...

 Helping their young buddies!!!


  1. What wonderful pictures. And what a wonderful experience for the kids. They are touching the hearts of so many every where they go. So proud!

  2. Once again, some absolutely beautiful photographs. The more time that I spend with your children, the more I realize that we have much more similarities than we do differences. I was also very touched by Nina's generous donation at the Food Bank. The children are our future and it is heartwarming to know that kids like Nina will be a part of the future generation.

  3. Wow!!! How are you doing in the camp? it's like... WOW! It's wonderful! I would wish to be there :( :)

    Luz de Luna.

  4. Daniel.
    I am very interested about the things that you have done i like the classroom it looks very big and the houses also look very big i hope you enjoy your second week.goodbye.

  5. Daniel.
    I am very interested about the things that you have done i like the classroom it looks very big and the houses also look very big i hope you enjoy your second week.goodbye.

  6. The houses are very big and beautiful,because it has flowers, a big garden and some trees.
    And i like the soccer field too.

  7. It´s fantastic all the activities you´re having and doing.
    I wish I could be there.The houses are very gorgeous and big.
    Enjoy your days there¡¡¡¡

    Keep me posted.

    Send photos¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  8. I think that a very important part of this is to help others and I see that you do it! Helping in the Surrey Food Bank and helping the little kids. Nice photos and of course, nice actions.


  9. What are you doing? Miss Mayus i love you. What things you have buy in there,you have alot of fun in Canada I see you have alot of fun you have alot of things,what are you doing rihgt now? Has snow in there or no? Do you have a lot of friends? What games you play? What do you eat? Thank you and you have a lot of fun! Mariana and valeria

  10. Hello! How are you? We are missing you a lot. We hope you have the greates time of your life! Hugs

    Rodrigo Ulibarri and Diego Tonatiuh