Monday, May 21, 2012


After having fun in camp every child went with their homestay families to spent a real Canadian weekend! The weather changed, the rain is now our friend and we experience real Canadian "cold" and "rain", so that help understand that even though there might be not as sunny as the week before, there is warmth in everyone´s hearts by now. 

There were some kids taken to Metrotown, a big shopping mall to buy some presents for their families, other went to Victoria, to the Acuarium, Science World, to the mountain and so on... the common thing: fun, learning and merging into Canadian culture!


  1. That place make me remember when I went to Queretaro. The houses are big and they have lots of beautiful plants. I also remember when I went to many shops in Queretaro and I bought lots of things. I think that the place is beautiful and maybe I would like to live there, the place looks quiet but also I believe that it is funny.

  2. When I see this photos I remember when I go to visit my granma it was a very beatifull place all was green with little plants .

    The picture makes me feel in harmony and happy beacuse I remember my granma.

  3. This picture makes me remember to an icee of a cinema called cinepolis, because the ice cream of Diana is blue and my icee was blue, makes me feel cold.

    this picture makes me remember a malls that i visted because in there i buy a ice cream that was cold ^_^, it makes me feel happy :)

    Adrian and Mauricio

  4. One of this fotographs remember me that 5 years ago I went to a parkn called:
    "bioparque estrella" and I launched myself in a big big big big big big big tiroless, at the begining I was scared but at the end I launched myself like 4 times.

    Other of this images re,ember me when I went to a big place in coyoacan with a friend

  5. The picture of the houses makes me remember all the movies and series that are represented on the suburbswith that very beautiful houses.
    I like this picture because it makes me feel clean with all that clan white houses.
    The picture of the Starbucks coffee makes me remember every time I go to a Starbucks coffee with my mom to buy and drink a delicious coffee.
    I like this picture because it makes me feel hungry because now I want a coffee

  6. This picture makes me remember a movie called 16 Wishes because of the houses and the colors, the picture make me feel happy because the colors, the flowers and the big trees it is very beautiful I love it!
    The second picture I choose makes me feel sad because it is cloudy and cold and makes me remember when I saw another movie but I don't remember the name but it was alsovery beautiful!
    I hope you have fun!! :)

  7. That girl of the yellow hair IS SO bautiful (the Canadian girl)

    that picture reminds me of when I went with my favorite cousin to starbucks and asked for a mochachino hahahaha (very rich estava ummm ....). I want one!