Wednesday, October 22, 2014


                                     Haunted house (maze)

By: Sebastian Farias, Sebastian Chavez, Eduardo Hernandez, Ivan Griera and Fernando Cortes

The objective is to scare the students, attract the audiences but also to have fun.

¿What am I going to do ?
We are going to do a maze with Mexican legends and traditions.

¿How am I going to do it?
We are going to do it with many scare jumps and the best disguises ever.

Students Materials: , blood, hooks, newspaper, cotton, black and white spray, unicellular heads (skulls), clothes and creppe paper, pieces of clothing and cotton.

School materials: curtain, carton boxes, awning, screens

Rules: work as a team, do not touch the students, do not spill water or blood on the students, do not insult the students, dismantle the haunted house, do not paint the classroom. 

Event: maze, October 30th 2014


Welcome to the maze, no one has survived,try to enter and get out alive, it's going to be funny.

A group of students heard about a legend of an abandoned house and decided to go investigate and see if the legend was true.
When they entered ,the door closed by itself and the students couldn't get out, so, the students got trapped in the house. For getting out, they needed to solve a maze. As the time passed on, the students got separated and missing, only two stayed together very terrorized .
They did everything to not get separated from each other, but after a while they accidentally separated and they never found each other. 
One got out of the maze, but the other stayed crying when he realized that the exit closed and he could never got out.
Now the boy is still walking in the maze waiting to take his next victim for finally going back home.


Maze design:


With help from: Teacher Rebeca and Teacher David

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