Tuesday, October 21, 2014


By Daniela Cabrera, Karla Buenrostro, Alejandro Mancera, Diego Tonatiuh, Luis Alfonso Orosco and Roberto Serrano

Objective of the haunted house: Scare the people attract the audiences and have fun.

Topic: The Myers's house.
Story: (Amytiville, 1828) Once upon a time there was a "normal" family or at least that is what they belived. The Myers had 5 children, 2 girls and 3 boys. They looked just like a normal family but....that wasn't true. That family was different to the other families, they were weird.The village was afraid of them ,they thought they had dark secrets. One day a little boy from a good family disappeared  and the people of the town thought that the Myers kibnapped him. Everyone scared, decided to go and finish with them. They burned their house and murdered the Myers. Time after they died the village discovered that they were innocents but it was too late. The terror began when little children began to saw the Myers spirits and always when a boy or girl saw the spirits, they disappeared . Nowadays the Myers are taking young souls just like you, to take revenge.


-What am I going to do? 
The Myers's house

-How am I going to do it?
Working as a team, using materials, and with organization and communications. 

-Beggining: Video
Event: Final product.

Materials: Crepe paper, newspapers, hooks, old pieces of clothing, boxes, skulls, artificial blood, costumes, black and white spray paint. 

School Materials: black curtain, boxes ,awning and screens. 

Do not touch the students
Do not insult the students
Do not spill water or blood on students
Dismantle the Hunted House 
Do not paint the classroom

Michael:If you enter here you will not be able do come back HAHAHA.
Johnny Myers:Escape as fast as possible if you want to survive.
Joanna and Gena:if you get in you won't come back.

Evidence :

With help from: teacher David and Miss Rebeca

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