Wednesday, October 8, 2014


                                              My favorite rock fire opal 

Fire Opal is a term used for colorful, transparent to translucent opal with a background color that is a fire like hue of yellow to orange to red. It might or might not exhibit play of color the typical flashes of spectral colors that can be seen when a precious opal is turned under a source of light Most fire opal does not have play of color. I like the fire opal because the shape and the colors are beautiful all the types of opals are so beautiful but for me the fire opal is the more beautiful.
The value of a fire opal is based upon the desirability and uniformity of its color, with yellow being on the low end of value and red being on the high end. Fire opals are cut in a variety of ways. The fire opal can find it in Mexico and one day I would like to find one one day.

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