Friday, February 6, 2015

How I take care and use water daily

How I take care and use water daily

We have to protect water because without it we can't survive and also animals can die.

To save water yo can brush your teeth or when you take a shower take like 1 to 5 minutes if you do not want to waste water.

For me water is very important to drink ,cook, wash your clothes etc...

Most of the Earth`s water is salt water which is unfit for consumption and there is only about 1% of fresh water that can be used. On top of that this scarce water resource is being contaminated by industries and human actvity.As the world population rises, the increasing demand for clean water will greatly affect the environment. Water is essential for life for both animals,humans and plants. Think about it.No water plants will wither, animals and humans that depend on it will die.Aquatic animals like fish would died.human`s food supply will be gone.The whole food chain would collaspe and eventually lead to extinction.

Bye: Gustavo Nava

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