Monday, January 26, 2015

Space invaders

Space Invasion
This story is real... Everyone knows it, is not a joke... And is very terrifying!
It was 5 years ago, exactly in May 29, 5050. I heard a noise coming from outside my window, so I went to check if some naughty kid was playing with my door, but at the moment I opened the window, I almost fainted. A really big UFO was landing on Central Park and absorbing all the trees until it put it's bases on the ground. A few seconds later the main gate opened and some mist went out from the ship. Then a figure was noticed between the mist and it walked out from the ship. It was a human figure but, as you can imagine, it didn't looked like a real human. They presented themselves as The Visitors and they said, and I quote "we do not want the war, we come in peace. Please, accept us as your friends and respect us as every other person you know." I didn't realized that they had a very strange accent until I got to work later. 
At the office, everyone was talking about the "Visitors" and they didn't stopped not even a minute. 

After I got home, with all the evening stress, I got to bed and begged that all would be a dream and nothing bad happened, but unfortunately, it was not like that. All was real and we had to live for the rest of our lives with the visitors. 
A few months later, there were already colonies of visitors all around the world and we couldn't do nothing to stop it. 
Day by day, week by week, month by month we started to uncover the real intentions of the visitors, but at the time we wanted to deal with it, it was too late.

The story of "The Visitors" is inspired in a TV series with the same name. It has a lot of drama, comedy, romance and action. Is really well stablished in the sense of a story, no paradoxes, no contradictions, and very recommendable to all public from 13+ 
Eduardo Hdz.

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