Monday, January 26, 2015

Alien invasion

                                            "Space invasion"
July 3rd, 2013

It was a peaceful morning of summer. I was at home with my family finishing the breakfast. Everything was good, like a casual Saturday at morning but then... we started to listen a weird sound coming from the outside, then everything started to moved. At once, we though it was an earthquake, but then we saw them. A figure started to come close to us, we didn't knew what was happening, we were so scared and finally my dad said: 

-Space invasion. Aliens! 

We ran into the house and ran into the basement. We were so confused and afraid. We didn't understood what was happening. My little brother started to cry and my mom said: 

-Don't worry honey, everything is okay.- She said.
-Daddy what is happening?- I asked him.
-I really don't know! There are aliens outside.- He told me.
-Shhh, do you hear that?- mum told us.
-What is that?!- My brother asked.

We heard an estrange noise. We were so scared and every time the sound was closer to us. But then the weird noise stopped. 

-Is it finished?- mom asked.
-I think so.- I answered.

But it wasn't true. Seconds later, the roof separated to the walls! The aliens were taking the roof out. We ran so fast as we could. But it wasn't enough. They took my brother into their arms, they tried to took my mom too but she hit them on the legs. 
They go away with my brother with them. 

-It couldn't be happening! My boy!- Dad shout.
-What are we going to do?- I asked.
-We are going to follow them until we find him.- Mom said.
-Let's go! 

I was decided to find my brother any way! But I was afraid, I didn't knew what they wanted. They were tall, with big dark eyes, 6 fingers in every hand, with no hair in their bodies and they had no clothes. They makes me nervous and when I though about them my heart stopped. But I was sure of something, I would find my brother.

We went into the car and we follow all the 

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