Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A Christmas Story

                                      CHRISTMAS STORY
Once upon a time there was a man called Jules Verne who was going to travel all around the world in 80 days because Christmas was coming soon and he wanted to give to all the children all around the world a merry Christmas. He started the trip in France then  he went to Italy. In Italy he saw a very big tree in the city center so he entered there, then he met Daniela, Roberto, Farias, Diego, Luis, Alex, and Karla in the city center, in his trip he took Karla, Alejandro, Farias, Roberto And Daniela to join to give the kids a merry Christmas. Then we went to India and didn't wanted to spend a lot of time because he had a short time to arrive to all the countries. He went to China to give all children a present and something like that but he had a problem , the ballloon in which one he was traveling on .started to have problems of gas so he started to travel in the future and he appeared in his house So then he ask for a balloon to send it to Santa Claus and he wished that if all the children all around the world can have a beautiful and merry Christmas.The next day was Christmas night and we went to Japan to know more about them and he discover that in Japan they celebrate eating Kentucky Fried Chicken and then go to beautiful hotels with her or him girlfriend or boyfriend but then Jules wished something in special and Santa gave all the children their presents and  all the children all around the world were happy and he was very happy almost because he made all the children wishes true. All the children will be happy after this no one will forget this day when Santa gave everyone a present.
                                                 THE END
BY: Karla & Alejandro


  1. Nice story guys it is so funny! But you have to take care of your orthography. Daniela Cabrera

  2. very good story was raffled continue with the story so

  3. Good work boys, your story is complete and very interesting but you have some grammar mistakes.

    Sebastian Farias