Friday, November 7, 2014


                                           -JVS SCHOOL-

My school is the best school ever! It is small but it has a lot of children and teachers that are always for you when you need help. We have from kindergarten to 7th grade of elementary school, and we have around 100 to 200 students in total. We have 5 specials classes every week, physical activity, cooking class, art class, music class and dance class. And it have extracurricular activities like Karate, Chorus, guitar etc. My school has a very good environment because we have friendly people and we have the chance to coexist with Canadian children because we have students exchanges every year! We have 2 subjects everyday, English class and Spanish class. Our teachers are amazing because they are very good persons that (for me) know everything! We have funny activities everyday and the conclusion is......MY SCHOOL IS THE BEST SCHOOL EVER!

Daniela Cabrera Chávez

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