Friday, November 21, 2014

Circulatory system

                                               Circulatory system 
Once upon a time a little boy was in an exposition of the circulatory system to learn more of his body because he has a medical exam.
He learned more about his heart and its functions like how blood flows,how the arteries work,the blood circulates oxygen,etc.
In the exposition also said that the veins transport blood to all the body in that moment one person shoot the kid and the kid fell down but the platelets stop the blooding and the kid stand up in that moment the person get out of the place and the kid say -why I stop bleeding? and the creator of the exposition said to the kid - that was your platelets the kid say -what are the platelets? -Platelets, also called "thrombocytes", are blood cells whose function is to stop bleeding. The kid was astonished in that moment the kid want to learn more about the circulatory in the school always select the circulatory system and in the university they study science and now that kid is a very smart scientist.
Ivan griera caballero and Luis Alfonso orozco Velazquez 

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