Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Hi Friends,
Today we had wonderful news about your next visit to our school and country!!! we are all excited!!!
We look forward to having you here, but in the while we will keep you posted on our daily activites.

Your JVS friends


  1. Hello from a sunny day in Mexico City, a wonderful and amazing place to visit.

  2. Hello Jules Verne.... This is a test to make sure that you can read this before our day begins. Please respond.


  3. Good morning Jules Verne......
    Here are some comments from my students...

    It is completely pouring rain and it is disgusting here right now.... we're all wet....

    We're all excited for Halloween here and are excited for our costumes....

    We can't wait until our swimming trip on Friday - we won't wear our costumes!!!

    We are a very curious bunch - tell us about your school, please!

    Right now, we can hear the rain pounding on our roof...... it is very loud!!!

    How many students are in your school? We have over 700 students at our school. We are due for an addition of four classrooms at our school

    We have our Hepatitis Shots coming up this week - we aren't excited.. Do you get shots at your school?

    We are interested if you use a translation program to transfer Spanish into English......?

    Do you have a pumpkin run at your school? We will run on Friday morning.....

    What is your favorite holiday?

    Justin Bieber played here last week - Do you even know who he is????

    We have just started Volleyball season at our school - we are practicing hard...... Do you play volleyball at your school?

    That's it for right now.... we hope to hear from you soon.....

    Ms Briske and her class of grade six students.......
    See you!

  4. Good morning Chimney, really glad to hear so many different comments. We will try to answer them. I can only say that our school is very small compared with yours. We know everybody, our school is like a big family. We are sure we will learn and share new experiences with all of you.

    Miss Martha.

  5. Hello!! How are you? We are more less 90 students in the school, it is small. Yes, we get shots in our school, few weeks ago we recieved a shot for the Hepatitis B,Diphteria and some others. No, we don´t use translation program. We don´t have pumpkin run and we want to know what is it? Yes we know Justin Bieber, 6th grade is singing a song of him. Do you know about Ov7 or Camila? They are famous here. Sometimes we play volleyball. See ya, Mine

  6. Hello
    Today in the morning we did Science and History exams.When do you have exams.We also are planing how to do the terror house for Halloowen. We only have 2 days left to do it!!!
    Here in Mexico is sunny and warm.


  7. Hello Georgy! I will be having my students post very soon now....

  8. This is a test..... modeling for my students.....

  9. Hi from Chimney Hill. Do you play tackle football? We got our grade 6 shots today and some people were very scared. We got cookies and juice after the shots. What will you put in your haunted house? Here we have Halloween. Do you celebrate Halloween in Mexico?

  10. Hi Jules Verne! I am the only student in Chimney Hill that already has a Blogger acount! But we will all be making one soon :)! Bye!!!!! Oh and do you dress up for Halloween? We do!


  11. hello there
    remeberance day is coming up and we will be doing a class presentation at the assembly the day before. thursday and friday will be pro-d days. my birthday is on nov.13 so i am reeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaallllly exited.

  12. Hi Jules Verne,
    I know about ov7 a little bit, I only know the song love colada I know a few songs of Camilla like Alejate De Mi and Restos De Abril i don't know if I'm right. The pumpkin run is a run we do for Halloween and get to win a pumpkin for every class. What Justin Bieber song are you singing? Our class is doing a remembrance day presentation of a song a pittance of time. C

  13. Hi Jules Verne
    This is my first post! I am so excited to be chatting with Mexico!

  14. Hi, I´m Grecia. how are you? we also celebrate Halloween here in Mexico we the kids of 7th grade did the terror house, it was awesome everybody entered to the house. I was the exorcist did you see the movie is scary. So I´m going to tell you about Mexico´s weather during the last days, is very cold and sometimes the sun appears but the wind is always cold. And yes 6th grade is singing Baby of Justin Bieber. I feel nervous today because we are receiving our report cards and I want to be in the Honor Board. I´m so exited because you are coming and I want to see you again. What are you doing for Thanksgiving' Are you having something specialat school or in your houses. Say hello to Genevive and can you ask her why she hasn´t write to my emails