Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Jules Verne School (Mexico) Chimney Hill - Canda a new chapter in this learning story...

May 15, 2016

Just think about 10 to 13 year old kids, 6th and 7th graders. 15 of them  all ready to experience the time of their lives, all of them writing their own story but keeping on telling wonderful international novel that started 10 years ago.

It was 2006 when we started this wonderful adventure with a group of 15 mexican ambassadors.  Today we are more than 200 people involved in this amazing program. This program is a consequence of passion, hard work but mostly love for our children with the aim of designing experiences that connect with their hearts.

Since then we have been learning a lot as teachers too, I can tell as a Principal that each time I travel or host Canadian groups, I learned a more than I teach.  We have been sharing our programs so our students can work together during the school year, we become educational friends, because we share our passion for education and the same ideal of our students to become global citizens. 

Today, this is not a dream anymore. Canadian students have been traveling Mexico too, learning from our culture, learning from our city and integrating a Mexican-Canadian global community, we are family now.  

Technology plays a key role here, our students have been doing so many activities during this 10 years from Global reading to iBooks.  Knowing that culture may be different, maybe we speak different languages, maybe religion, maybe food, maybe the landscape could be different but we all are human beings. They all are children, and we all are educators who love our profession. 

But, let this adventure start again. And our students to write another chapter of this real life novel.

DAY 1: Families, airports and a new group

Our Canadian families just waiting for us... Can´t we ask for more?  
Love, love, love...


Families who were excited to have a new child among them, and children willing to be part of them!

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