Sunday, March 20, 2011


Well, pancake day has come and gone.

200 or some pancakes made, maple syrup poured and butter smeared.  Plates served, napkins wiped and forks handed out.   

What a day!  It was fantastic!  I could go on for hours about the batter making, the cooking and the servings, but I have written the long entry for the week (see yesterday's epic!)......

Suffice it to say that our ambassadors did a great job in creating "Casa de Hotcakes"......

I am going to send along some pictures to show you what the day looked like...... You can create your own captions!

This entry is a bit delayed tonight due to a city tour that one of the homestay moms arranged for our group.  You've heard the song, "the wheels on the bus go round and round...." well, that was us tonite..... a busload of Canadians with their homestay families...... driving through this massive city - seeing all of the cool things.......  I get an appreciation now for how big this city actually is...... It's huge!  So.... there may be photos of that tour too included in this next package of pictures that come your way......

It is very late in Mexico City and we are off to Teotihuacan tomorrow.  It is going to be a scorching day with little shade.  I am hoping that the kids have heard my "mom-isms" - lots of water, a hat (definitely - or no pyramids!) and sunscreen.  Sunstroke is not good... and I would hate for our last three days to be ruined by sunsickness.

So, wait for the pictures of the hotcakes..... and the city tour... they're on their way!


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