Friday, December 5, 2014


The GCF is the greatest common factor. YouTube video 
The video shows a better explained version of the GCF and is helpful for everyone who wants to know more about it.

Eduardo Hdz


The greatest common factor video (YouTube)      

We did the video to share what is GCF or other things 

Karla & Alejandro 


We are working on the GCM that is a very fun topic.
We made a video about it because we want you to know about this topic too.

By Daniela Cabrera & Roberto Serrano

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A Christmas Story

                          "The story never told for Christmas"

Once upon a time in 1828 was born one of the most important writers in the history.
Jules Verne had the amazing talent of look to the future and imagine every single detail of how would it be. He wrote more than 80 books in all his life but... Most of you just know the 5% of him, how do we know? Because we are about to tell you the incredible story never told that Verne lived.

Hi my name is Daniela.
And my name is Roberto. 
And we are going to show you the real talent of, a real artist. Prepare yourself for something so fantastic and are you....ready? Sooo.. Let's go!

Let us begin on 1873 when he wrote the novel "Around the world in 80 days"....

It was short time after he finished his famous book and he thought about what would happened if he tried to do the trip in 80 days. It was October 1st, 1874 when he decide to do it. He rented a hot air balloon to start his trip. He swear that he will arrive on October 1st and he will return on December 25th at Christmas Day! 
 And for being ready he did the next  schedule: 

From London to Suez by Mount Cenis
and Brindisi , rail and vapors 7
From Suez to Bombay , vapors 18
From Bombay to Calcutta , rail . 8
From Calcutta to Hong Kong (China ) , vapors 13
Hong Kong to Yokohama (Japan ), steam 6
Yokohama to San Francisco , steam 22
From San Francisco to New York , railroad 7
From New York to London , steam and rail. 9
TOTAL: 80 days.

He arrived from London at 6:00 o'clock in the morning.  It was a long way but finally he did it. He traveled from London to Yokohama in just 52 days and every time Christmas was closer. But before he went to Yokohama he stopped in Japan. He wanted to know more about the Christmas traditions in Japan because he was so interested to know how do they celebrate it. He discovered that as a tradition, they used to eat KFC in Christmas night and that in Christmas day they celebrated it with  / the boyfriend / or friends, and the New Year, almost everyone returns to their  homes to celebrate with their families. Verne was so surprised because he didn't know anything about Christmas in Japan, as soon as he went to Yokohama he told everyone about his adventure in Japan. Time after, he thought of traveling to the future on the next 28 days left over. So he did it. He went to the San Francisco's California Academy of science and look for help to build the time machine.  And finally he did it! 
And the first place were he decide to visit was Jules Verne School.
He invited all the Jules Verne school community to accompany him to his amazing trip! They all finished the trip in 80 exactly days! And had an amazing Christmas Day with the incredible Jules Verne. 

by Daniela and Roberto.

A Fantastic Christmas Story

A Fantastic Christmas Trip

Jules Verne created a big air ballon to travel the world in 80 days he wanted to visit kids and showed them his book to inspire them to be writers when they grew up.

In a small town in Japain far from the city of Tokyo was a little boy named Diegardo, who  in this Christmas wanted to know his idol Jules Verne.

When it was  Christmas in his small town Diegardo wrote a card wishing Jules Verne could come to his town and he could meet him.

When it was December 24th diegardo was eating Kentucky fried chicken (KFC) when Santa Claus gave a card to Diegardo and it said 
"Diegardo you have been well educated so now I give you this present Jules  Verne is going to come to your town on December 27th at 16:30 enjoy it. Santa Claus."

Diegardo was so happy and excited  because Jules  Verne was going to go to the small town, he said it to his parents, they were so happy because his kid was going to meet his idol.

In December 27 Diegardo and his parents went to the meeting place there wasn't many people in the mean time Jules Verne arrived, Diegardo couldn't  believe it in that instant Jules  Verne asked - you are my greatest fan so you are invited to my journey and entered the air balloon.

They arrived in 2014 to Mexico City in a small school named JVS , Miss  Mayus received them with a big smile and a lot of kids and Diegardo was so happy.

Luis Alfonso, Sebastián Farías and Ivan

A Christmas Story

                                      CHRISTMAS STORY
Once upon a time there was a man called Jules Verne who was going to travel all around the world in 80 days because Christmas was coming soon and he wanted to give to all the children all around the world a merry Christmas. He started the trip in France then  he went to Italy. In Italy he saw a very big tree in the city center so he entered there, then he met Daniela, Roberto, Farias, Diego, Luis, Alex, and Karla in the city center, in his trip he took Karla, Alejandro, Farias, Roberto And Daniela to join to give the kids a merry Christmas. Then we went to India and didn't wanted to spend a lot of time because he had a short time to arrive to all the countries. He went to China to give all children a present and something like that but he had a problem , the ballloon in which one he was traveling on .started to have problems of gas so he started to travel in the future and he appeared in his house So then he ask for a balloon to send it to Santa Claus and he wished that if all the children all around the world can have a beautiful and merry Christmas.The next day was Christmas night and we went to Japan to know more about them and he discover that in Japan they celebrate eating Kentucky Fried Chicken and then go to beautiful hotels with her or him girlfriend or boyfriend but then Jules wished something in special and Santa gave all the children their presents and  all the children all around the world were happy and he was very happy almost because he made all the children wishes true. All the children will be happy after this no one will forget this day when Santa gave everyone a present.
                                                 THE END
BY: Karla & Alejandro